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Things That You Must Have on a Real Estate Listing Flyer

Although seemingly straightforward, it might be a bit complex to prepare a real estate listing flyer if you do not draw on the basics. While designing a real estate listing flyer for handing out or letterbox distribution, you should take care of certain basic features so that your flyer is successful in impressing clients and selling listings.

For a successful real estate listing flyer you need:-


You never know the potential of a great headline, something like “Ready to Move In”, “$35,000 worth of Upgrades”, and so on. The headline of your real estate listing flyer should be catchy in order to trigger interest to read the rest of the content. Moreover try to refrain from using script style or fancy fonts in the headline, but ensure maximum readability with Times Roman, Arial or Impact bold style fonts with a comparatively larger text size. To tighten the grip and create more excitement, add a sub-headline, such as “Available below market price”, “biggest in the neighborhood”, and the like.


Address is important for any business, and more so when you are listing a property. Also ensure that the address is simply presented and is easy to read. Do not go for excessive abbreviations, but try to spell out the complete address in your flyer, because it looks more professional and paves the way for easier reading. Check for typos in the address to make sure it is correct.


This is indeed a very tricky section. Many opt out of mentioning the price, while others think that disclosure of price is a good option to go for. The point is that if you do not include the price, you bring in a kind of mystery, resulting in a higher number of people to call you. On the other hand, if you disclose the price, it will naturally filter out poor leads and will bring in only the strong ones, who will call or email you.

Whatever the case may be, include a price section and make it as clear as possible. Some examples of attention grabbing price presentations are “Offered at just $132,546”, “Call for exclusive price details”, “Get in touch for the current price”, and more.


Although some real estate agents tend to take the description section quite casually, this is in fact one of the sections of the flyer that can help you place a powerful property pitch. Make the most of this opportunity and sell your home by connecting with your prospects and convey to them the value that your properties offer. Do not confuse the description with bullet points, since these are separate sections, and one cannot substitute the other. You may add some essential information for buyers as bullet points.


Without photographs, a property listing flyer looks meaningless and empty. For best results, you can include around two to six photos. Use quality photos that can highlight different parts of the property such as exterior, yard, master bedroom, and so on. For a balanced setup you may go for one large front facing photo accompanied by some additional ones.

Additionally, to make the flyer totally effective, include the real estate agent contact details and also a small advertising disclaimer.


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