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The Process of Launching a Successful Flyer Marketing Campaign

The constant barraging of online advertisements has made the practice of organizing and conducting flyer distribution campaigns even more attractive to the average consumer. For businesses that are new and willing to make an instant local impact, a well-planned marketing material distribution campaign or conducting letterbox drops in a targeted area of the city can do wonders. It can drive in loads of potential long-time customers. Here is a complete checklist of things to do before launching a flyer distribution campaign –

Analyzing the Target Audience

The audiences have mature taste when it comes to consuming marketing content. They need to be appealed and alarmed about a product/service before they choose to engage with a brand. The communication patterns of a business need to constantly evolve with the changing needs and quirks of the average consumer. It is the duty of the distribution campaign manager to make sure that the level of content and communication techniques being used in the campaigns match the expectations of the average consumer.

Researching the Competition

One wing of the leaflet distribution team must be fully devoted to researching what the existing competitors are doing. Always keep a close eye on their–

  • Marketing patterns – Which months of the year do they most invest in marketing
  • Advertisements – Monitor all ads that they post both online and offline
  • Offers – What sales, discounts, etc are they offering? What technology is being used to monitor these offers? A lot of companies employ tracking mechanisms into these offers which they advertise using flyer distribution Knowing all of this is a must as it allows businesses to come up with even better ideas.
  • Website – Keep track of the traction they generate as a direct result of their letterbox drop

In accordance with the findings, update the campaign to make sure that the flyer that is being delivered to the potential customers is the best marketing material that they have ever received, much better than the competitors.

Targeting the Right Areas

Letterbox drops can be extremely successful if they are done in the correct areas. A family neighborhood is no place to advertise products for bachelors, right? Conduct demographic studies, look at previous studies and target certain heavily populated areas at the right time of the day to make sure that the campaign has the most impact.

Incorporating the Company Website into the Marketing Message

Mentioning the company name and website clearly on the flyer or brochure is very important. It essentially helps in keeping a clear track of how successful the flyer distribution campaign has been. Secondly, it helps in advancing any future sales processes. The receivers can simply log on to the company website from their phones, moments after receiving the flyer.

As mentioned before, it takes a lot of expertise and patience for a marketing campaign to be successful. Conducting these steps before launching a new campaign is mandatory in order to make a huge impact.

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