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Studying the ROI in Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

Advertising by directly sending marketing materials to the homes of target consumers is a trick that has been used by all types of businesses, be it superstores delivering periodical circulars or pay per click marketers distributing vouchers to customers. Using direct mail marketing is also helpful when announcing the inauguration of a retail store or an imminent sale or to offer price cuts for some service to a hand-picked collection of customers. A direct-mail or a letterbox distribution campaign can focus on a target audience, regardless of the size of the target audience. Numerous marketing issues control the rate of return on investment, which differs for various campaigns.

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Design A Restaurant Leaflet and Have Them Eating Out Of Your Hands

The food and beverage industry is highly competitive.  It is all great to have the most wonderful chefs at your disposal dishing out some amazing or exotic dishes; but what will come of it if you do not have people visiting? After all, the ultimate marker for success of a restaurant is judged by the number of footfalls. Getting them in is the first step towards success for you. The quality of food, the variety on offer, the ambience, the service, etc are generally accounted for by word of mouth promotion afterwards.

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Tips and Tricks to Write Effective Flyers

Tips and Tricks to Write Effective Flyers

It is an undeniable fact that the modern day businesses rely on modern marketing tools for maintaining the edge in the marketplace. It is definitely not a cakewalk for any businesses to rise high in the marketplace when so many stubborn competitors are there to pull the other businesses down. No doubt that the modern tools can reach a large set of audience through the internet. But there are places where the internet cannot reach.

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How Can the Traditional Tools of Marketing Work Magic for a Business?


I’m a businessman who belongs to the modern generation, so there was a time when with all my existence I believed that only and only the modern tools of marketing can sail a business through its rough times. According to my rock solid over confidence all I required to do was to invest a good sum of money to a particular modern tool of marketing. I thought that it will fetch me tremendous success.

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“Why is it so Very Important for the Businesses to try the Traditional Tools of Marketing?”—Experience Shared by a Businessman

“Why is it so Very Important for the Businesses to try the Traditional Tools of Marketing?”—Experience Shared by a Businessman | Flyers Direct

After my MBA all I wanted to do was to start my own business. There were several friends of mine who told me that it is better to get into a job rather than jumping onto the ideas of starting my own business venture. But the heart wants what it wants and hence I obediently followed what I really wanted to do. I chose to start my business of ‘customized t-shirt printing’.

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Solve All Your Business Hiccups with Letterbox Distribution

There is no gloominess that a cup of chocolate ice cream cannot solve….likewise there is not any situation of a business that the effective administrations of Flyer delivery cannot solve for the better. Yes! Flyer delivery, the traditional tool of marketing that has been underestimated by businesses for a very long time just because it is the generation that is completely dependent of digital activities and does not have much faith in the awesome quality of the print advertising.

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Why Should Business Give Flyers a Try?

It is absolutely great to have a business these days when the population is so high and the demand is so strong by them. But there are few points that come along with them and they are the facts that the promotional campaigns that the business conducts are terribly costly and if the business fails to carry those campaigns well then all the hard work and brainstorming goes down the drain for the business.

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