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Smart Ways to Advertise Summer Clearance Sales for Your Retail Outlet

Smart Ways to Advertise Summer Clearance Sales for Your Retail Outlet - Flyers Direct

Summer sales really mean a lot for retailers! It is that time of the year when you think about summer clearance at a rapid scale, so that there is enough space available to bring in new merchandise. To make everything happen as fast as you want, you need to adopt the right advertising strategy.

Let’s check out some advertising guidelines for a memorable summer clearance sales.

Distribute flyers or leaflets

Opt for letterbox distribution in Sydney and send across flyers to your existing customers as well as prospects a couple of weeks before the sale. This should not be a ‘once done and forgotten’ process. Repeat the distribution program once or twice in a week, to make an impact on the customer’s mind. You can spice up your flyers by attaching coupons at the bottom.

It is always easy to promote something to existing customers than to prospective ones. So, apart from trying out letterbox distribution, give flyers to customers who are visiting your retail outlet and inform them about the clearance sales.

Talk about the sale over social platforms

Simply putting up a sale does not imply that people will rush towards your store. You need to repeatedly mention it on all the social media profiles of your company. Strategically plan the announcements so that information regarding the sale gets posted at different times of the day, and this includes early mornings, overnight hours and other off times too.

The content should be varied, and incorporate teasers, casual daily mentions along with last minute urgencies for those who procrastinate. Combine your letterbox distribution efforts with your social media endeavours, and you are bound to see good number of footfalls during the days of the sales.

Adorn your website

When you are announcing a summer clearance sales, your website should be such that it should invite people all the more to be a part of the sales. Online retailers are into the habit of updating their websites from time to time, but those with physical stores should also do the same, especially when there are special occasions such as a summer clearance sales. If you mention your website URL in the flyers or leaflets that you are sending across through letterbox distribution in Sydney or handing out to customers, you must make the announcement very clear on your website’s homepage to have better impact.

Run Facebook ad campaigns

This is worth a try for online as well as brick and mortar outlets. Facebook ads are not only cost-effective, but they are also extremely targeted. It is great if you run Facebook ads and lead people to your website, especially to the home page or to any specific page that announces the summer clearance sales. You can also lead people to a landing page where they can print a coupon particularly made for Facebook users.

Combine letterbox distribution in Sydney with Facebook ads and other promotional announcements, simultaneously preparing your website for the clearance sales. You will definitely be able to make your clearance sales the talk of the town.


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