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Product Sampling Distribution Sydney

Are you looking for a reliable delivery service provider to distribute your flyers or product samples? Your search ends here; Flyers Direct is what you were looking for!

Giving out free samples of your products to your customers, or to your potential new customer segment, is a crucial part of marketing. Free samples allow consumers to try out your brand, test it for quality and utility, and to give you the opportunity to convert them to customers. That’s why product sampling distribution in Sydney is so important, and Flyers Direct, can provide their capabilities in this type of marketing campaign.

We know that samples sometimes get lost in the mail and the cost of postage is expensive. Thus, our product sampling distribution system ensures that the samples are delivered directly to the consumer’s letterbox or handed out in high traffic locations such as outside train stations. Our area managers are experienced in logistics and are capable of delivering samples swiftly and effectively though our walker network. Based on the geographical location of your target consumer segment, we create areas for product sampling distribution in Sydney and guide our delivery teams accordingly.

Flyers Direct have an experienced and reliable, delivery-focused system for product sampling distribution!

  • We use delivery maps that are customised according to our clients instructions and requirements. We have a high standard of communication and  provide the highest service level as is humanly possible.
  • Our teams are are trained to be aware of your brand and to behave in a manner to leave a positive impression of your business while distributing your flyers or samples.
  • Gaining visibility for your samples is an important consideration. Providing our teams with branded polos and caps  is an excellent way to achieve a more successful marketing outcome.

Choose our distribution services and enjoy the success of a higher standard in product sampling distribution in Sydney!

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