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The marketing strategies which businesses can market products and services to engage with their target audience are endless. Research has proven that if a potential client has been exposed to a brand between 4-6 times, they are more likely to trust and recognise this brand, which is why Flyers Direct offer proven marketing solutions.

Most businesses don’t have a marketing strategy or budget before they start spending marketing dollars. Marketing to be successful requires testing a number of strategies over a period of time. Every channel reaches a specific audience based on their reading habits. Apart from flyers distribution, we have clisted below a few additional marketing options which are very often used by our business clients to increase sales.

Distress Media

Take advantage of our traditional distress media channel to expose your business or brand name on buses plus metro or outdoor billboards. We can also offer radio or TV at the best rate.

Street Promotion

Take advantage of the peak hours by handing out flyers at traffic congested locations for special events or openings. Our team knows how to interact with your audience and your business will get the most from it.

Google Ads & SEO

Google Ads are expensive but provide the quickest measure of your return on your investment! Whether you should start with Google Ads and SEO, or either one of them? Give us a ring and we will help you with the best alternative.

Design & Printing

Affordable professional design services and quick turn around time. To have your own customised image and various printing options such as flyers of all sizes, catalogues and magnets etc. Let us assist you.

Digitise Your Business

To have a website which converts and enhances your local direct mail campaign by adding programmatic display ads targeted within geo-fenced boundaries. Your business will thrive.

Display & Signage

Retailers no matter what sector should not neglect spending money to have your business exposed properly. Create visual communication with your local audience consistently. The return is guaranteed in the long term.

Social Media Campaigns

We help you to navigate the various social media platforms to gain access to targeted markets and help you to create content that your audience want to receive and interact with.

Retail Printing

In the retail world, we can assist you with all types of printing solutions such as point of sale, packaging, shop display merchandise and any other customised printing requirements.

B2B Marketing

Part of affiliate marketing is to start thinking about businesses which have synergy to yours. You will go a long way by designing an approach and finding your strategic alliance partners – This will turbo charge your business.

Extended Street Presence

Extended street presence options such as teardrop banners, pull up banners, X-frames, A-frames or a kiosk are all very good solutions for events, pop up shops, exhibitions and hidden locations of your retail shop.

At Flyers Direct we know firsthand that a strategic marketing mix works. Our clients and the success of their campaigns are testament that we are doing something right.

Remember no one alone is as smart as smart as everybody together. Let us develop a customised marketing campaign for you. Contact us now to develop your unique campaign.

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