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Make Use of Folded Leaflets to Promote Your Charity Event

Make Use of Folded Leaflets to Promote Your Charity Event - Flyers Direct

In order to maintain the continuity of their charitable tasks, charities need support from people on a regular basis. In order to obtain this support, it is essential to convey the right message to the proper target audience. If you are running a charity event or are working for a charity, it would be good to know how to present your message to people, so that they understand your requirements and render their support to your cause.

One of the best ways to promote a charitable organization or a charity event is to plan a letterbox distribution campaign and send across folded leaflets. Before you design and distribute your leaflets, go through these important details.

The major benefits of using folded leaflets

If you are organizing a charity event, you will definitely want people to know about it, so that the event is capable of raising the maximum possible funds. In such cases, folded leaflets are a perfect solution because of the following reasons:

  • Cost-effectiveness- You will find it extremely convenient to print folded leaflets and they are also quite cheap so far as printing and letterbox distribution is concerned. For professional leaflets you can hire an expert service provider who will use premium paper to make your charity leaflets stand out, and will also help you in the distribution process. With the advent of digital printing, there is no such thing as minimum order, so you can print only the quantity that you need. This not only saves cost, but is also good for the environment.
  • Flexible- Folded leaflets are flexible enough to fit almost anywhere. Apart from organizing a letterbox distribution campaign, you can also distribute these leaflets in clubs, bars, shops, shopping malls, offices or place them within other publications, or even hand them out to passers-by in particular areas, or at venues or events. The size of folded leaflets makes them highly adaptable.

The normal size of folded leaflets

Folded leaflets for a charity event can be created in different sizes, shapes as well as folds, offering the marketer a range of options to choose from. Also, you may go for either landscape or portrait format while printing folded leaflets.

Usually sizes range from A5 to A3. Different folding options give you a choice of panels (say four or six), depending upon what you specifically require. If you want your charity event leaflet to be displayed over counters, then choose the larger paper size. Again, for fitting into pockets or envelopes, or becoming a part of letterbox distribution campaigns, smaller sized leaflets should be the preferred choice.

A folded leaflets, printed and distributed professionally, is a great way to promote charity concerts or events. Contact the right service provider who will aptly guide you in preparing the right type of materials for promoting your charitable event. Premier agencies will have a wide range of options to help you all through the printing and distribution process.


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