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How to Foolproof your Flyer Distribution Campaign

How to Foolproof your Flyer Distribution Campaign - Flyers Direct

Wish to get that upcoming event or the new store opening off to a flying start? All you need is a great flyer and some tips that will help flyer distribution in Sydney. Here are some answers to the commonest questions that will help you get your flyers to the people they are intended for with maximum effect.

What is your message?

The most important thing is the message.  What is it you are wishing to promote? Is it a new business model or the opening of a new store or an event?  Depending on what it is that you want to get noticed, design your flyer so that it is attractive enough to hold attention.  Colour layout, design, font style, and size, which part of the message you choose to highlight, all will play a big role in smart designing to catch the eye of the reader.

Who are your readers?

That brings us to the discussion on the target.  Who are your readers going to be, which age group or what kind of people would be interested in your content.  Understanding your target audience is very important when planning flyer distribution in Sydney. And that, in turn, depends upon what you are promoting.  If it is something very specific, it would call for a different audience.  If it is a general message, then the manner of distribution would differ.

How will you distribute?

This is a very topical point to be considered. How will you ensure that your flyer gets delivered to its target?

  • Letterbox delivery or door to door delivery.
  • Handing over the flyers directly to people.
  • Keeping them in public places visibly.
  • Keeping flyers in schools/offices.

Who will distribute?

Finding the right people for distribution is equally important.  For example, someone entrusted with letterbox delivery has to be instructed to go around every house in the neighborhood and make sure the flyer is delivered right. The local terrain, the geography, the accessibility needs to be considered when choosing the people. It is advisable to choose an established service provider for flyer distribution in Sydney.

What is your timing?

When you plan to distribute your flyers, you need to take into consideration the local weather as well as holidays.

  • It is difficult to get your share of people’s attention if it is the holiday or the festive season- unless of course your flyer is directly targeted at some activity revolving around this season specifically, like a holiday or a boot camp.
  • Also the local weather, where your flyer might get washed off or literally fly off in squally or windy weather.

Is there a specific distribution plan?

To ensure your flyers are effective in that they reach the right kind of people, get a proper distribution plan in place.

  • If you are dealing with very specific needs, it is better to target potential audience and then distribute specifically instead of wasting your flyers.
  • Depending on your business, it is at times better to distribute locally rather than spread it all around.

With these points in mind, you will surely get your enterprise off to a great start!


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