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Does Your Provider Guarantee Zero Dumping of Flyers?

Does Your Provider Guarantee Zero Dumping of Flyers


With letterbox delivery of promotional materials becoming a popular marketing tool for small and medium businesses, there are many players in the market providing this service to businesses. However, the main point it- do all these providers guarantee that your flyers, leaflets or brochures will reach their appropriate destination and will not be dumped?

Getting into the real question

Have you ever wondered why there is so much worry about the dumping of flyers? Maybe the service providers businesses have worked within the past offered with some kind of delivery proof or maybe it was considered that the flyers were dumped since no response was received after the flyer delivery campaign.

It is true that some unethical service providers might practice dumping and keep their clients in the dark regarding the execution procedure of the entire letterbox delivery campaign, but this might not always be the case for poor response. Given this, it is important for businesses to raise the following crucial questions:

  • Was the message conveyed in line with what the customers want?
  • Was the flyer distribution campaign carried out at the right time?
  • Is there any planning to go for successive campaigns?
  • Are the product or the service and the price tag it comes with resonating with the demands of the market?

Apart from worrying only about dumping following a failed flyer distribution campaign, the business owner should also find the answers to these questions. Only then can the real problem be identified and a solution can be found accordingly.

Finding the answer

Often businesses, especially start-ups, find it hard to arrive at the real reason of a failed campaign. You may try different tests such as testing with different messages, organizing distribution campaigns at different times of the year, and trying out with different designs and color of artwork. In short, you should test with different parameters until things turn right.

Businesses may worry about limited funds when it comes to the testing process. But rest assured, there are reputed providers of letterbox distribution who are concerned about the funds of their clients and plan campaigns accordingly, even offering marketing funds solutions as required. Esteemed providers also offer GPS tracked service so that you can be sure of zero dumping.

So, it’s time to get your letterbox drops campaigns right, without worrying about dumping or the limitations in your marketing budget!

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