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Design A Restaurant Leaflet and Have Them Eating Out Of Your Hands

The food and beverage industry is highly competitive.  It is all great to have the most wonderful chefs at your disposal dishing out some amazing or exotic dishes; but what will come of it if you do not have people visiting? After all, the ultimate marker for success of a restaurant is judged by the number of footfalls. Getting them in is the first step towards success for you. The quality of food, the variety on offer, the ambience, the service, etc are generally accounted for by word of mouth promotion afterwards.

The trick to getting people come in would begin with designing a winning leaflet and then onto leaflet distribution. This first step towards promotion of your gastronomic venture needs to be an outright winner. The methods by which your leaflets reach the target audience could be many, for instance letterbox distribution in Sydney. Here are some tips to make sure your leaflet hits the mark in promoting your restaurant.

  1. Design your leaflet in an attractive manner. Use vivid splashes of colour combined with tempting food photos and happy faces.  Place the images centrally so as to catch the eye immediately.  Make your restaurant sound so inviting that they are compelled to walk in and give it a try.  That first step achieved, it is now up to you to keep them hooked.
  2. Add some freebies or a special offer or a promotional offer on your leaflet so that people are more interested to come. You could include a small detachable discount coupon in your leaflet which the customer has to bring in to avail of the discount. You could also devise a system whereby they collect points upon spending a certain amount that can be redeemed later. This way they will make sure to keep the leaflet for the future.
  3. Make sure the address and directions to your restaurant are carefully and prominently displayed on the leaflet. Potential diners should face no problems reaching your restaurant.  All your efforts at leaflet distribution will come to a naught if they cannot find their way easily into your place.
  4. Place the name and logo of your restaurant strategically so that it is featured prominently on the leaflet. This along with restaurant timings, contact number, website, and other information along these lines would be useful to establish a direct connect with your target customers.
  5. Highlight your ambience and decor and any special dishes that you feel are your strengths, on the leaflet. Aesthetically pleasing looks along with effective leaflet distribution will ensure more business.

If possible try and get representatives from renowned restaurant guide websites to come over and taste your food.  This way you get an authentication and nod of approval from acclaimed food websites.  Once they publish an opinion regarding the fare you are serving, you now have the chance of including that on your leaflet as well.  That will be an added stamp of approval for your foodie venture. You can then go ahead with effective letterbox distribution in Sydney.

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