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Creating an Eye-Catchy Flyer: Knowing the Key Elements

The success that campaigns of flyer distribution in Sydney have achieved over the past few years has really surprised the global marketing industry. Can flyers still be as effective in this era of digital marketing? The research says yes. In addition to that, it is also a low-cost way of promoting local businesses, regardless of how much a business is willing to spend on marketing.

A recent survey conducted by professional managers of flyer distribution in Sydney revealed that almost 50% of flyer or letterbox distribution material receivers directly acted on the ad either by visiting the business or by asking for further information.

Here are some key elements of making an eye-catching flyer –

Creating a Central Point

What is the first thing that recipients of letterbox distribution materials notice? It is the central point of the flyer. Try to instantly engage the receivers with that focus. Creating unique focal/central point involves –

  • Using high-quality, striking and professional pictures – The quality of the pictures being used in a flyer is very significant. If the images are uninteresting and blurred, the message of the flyer instantly appears to be dull to the recipients. In order to make a letterbox distribution campaign successful, it is important to always use high-quality and colorful pictures that not only catch the attention of the reader but also fashion a mood for the receiver, supporting the story behind the brand.
  • Use color combinations that suit the brand. Using one strict color scheme for all letterbox distribution campaigns makes a brand a lot more recognizable. So, when a consumer receives the same flyer after a year or two, they will still recognize the brand from the unique color combinations.
  • Right Font – The choice of print is significant in creating a flyer’s pivotal point. A fantastic picture and stunning colors always look better when complemented with text that has just the right font style and size.

Using Simple and Active Text

Less is more when it comes to creating attractive flyers. Professional managers of campaigns of flyer distribution in Sydney recently revealed that since every flyer essentially has just a couple of seconds to grab the attention of the potential clients, concise and to-the-point content is what works the best. Consider the following –

  • Don’t fill the flyer up with too many images and excessive text.
  • Incorporate short yet useful content that focuses primarily on the benefits of the business being endorsed.
  • Use snappy headlines that are catchy and provocative
  • Use action words throughout the flyer. Phrases like ‘buy now’ or ‘get discount now’ work far better than passive text.
  • Use subheadings/bullet points. Make the text devoted to only the benefits, in easily readable and consumable subheadings/bullet points instead of extensive paragraphs.

Simplicity, flair, and creativity when combined can be extremely effective in flyer design. Always remember to keep the receivers in mind – their interests, what discounts may appeal to them etc., before finalizing a flyer design.

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