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5 Smart Ways to Make Your Leaflet Distribution Successful

Leaflet marketing is an effective and convenient means to get your business known. When done correctly by following a clear-cut action plan, this method can prove to be a result-oriented component of your marketing mix.

Here are 5 top tips to streamline your distribution process.

1. Small is the size to go for

Whether you are intending to distribute flyers in letterboxes or hand them out at events, exhibitions, trade shows or simply to passers-by in the street, it is vital to consider the size. For letterboxes, a comparatively bigger size might do, but for the rest, you need to think about the size of wallets, pockets, or bags. Taking care of this small aspect goes a long way in bringing down the potential drop-rate.

A6 is a good size but if you feel that it would be inadequate for the message you wish to send across, the best option is A5 leaflets. A3 leaflets might captivate attention for a moment, but there is high risk of people dropping them due to the large size.

2. Try out leaflet inserts

There must be a number of influential publications being circulated in your locality and getting your leaflets inserted into one of them would indeed be a great strategy. The game is more than half won if you can find publications that are distributed to your target market.

Distributing leaflet inserts in magazines, local newspapers, or other publications can be a bit expensive, but once you do it, you can literally reach the doorsteps or the hands of your target audience.

3. Rope in a complimentary business

If one or more of complementary businesses have their own distribution channels, why not take full advantage of the same? Local advertisement yields good results if you can do it beside the tills or carrier bags in shops. For this, you need to develop rewarding relationships with partners, to make sure that they do not reject you, because in that case, your leaflets or flyers would be of no use.

4. Go for event sponsoring

By sponsoring an event, you would get the chance to deliver to the attendees your own leaflets. There are many methods to do this – you can opt for door to door delivery, keep your promotional materials over a display table so that attendees can pick them up or even advertise as a component of a branded bag. But you must be careful to choose an event that has high amount of relevancy to your organization culture and business. When organized strategically, event sponsoring can maximize the returns from your marketing investments.

5. Take note of timing

For getting good results from leaflet distribution, timing is a very vital factor. You must indulge in a brainstorming session to decide whether your material should be distributed before or after an event, in phases, or the distribution should coincide with holidays, peak seasons, or off seasons. Taking care of the distribution timing reduces a substantial amount of wastage.

So, as you plan your own promotional campaign, do keep in mind these tips. An eye-catchy design with a channelized distribution process can help you tread a long way in the aggressive marketplace.

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