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5 Most Obvious Reasons Behind a Failed Leaflet Marketing Campaign

5 Most Obvious Reasons Behind a Failed Leaflet Marketing Campaign

Getting your marketing goals achieved via direct marketing seems to be a trusted method for many businesses.  Although leaflet or flyer distribution is mostly used by small or medium businesses, sometimes even established companies go for this route.

However, unless there is proper thought and planning behind a campaign, it is liable to fail too.  In fact, there are some companies who have complained that a particular promotional tool did not work.

Let us look at some reasons why leaflet delivery in Sydney and other such campaigns could fail.

Your leaflet does not speak clearly

You must remember that the first few moments when your leaflet lands in the client’s hands are the most crucial.  If the look and content are not persuasive enough to grab attention in these seconds, they lose interest. After that, it is a matter of time when the flyer is put aside and it becomes a case of failed flyer distribution.

Keep the content optimal enough to create interest and not overly loaded.  This way the target audience will be interested and want to check it out.

You do not focus on the target market

Keeping the target base in mind is very important in designing the entire campaign.  Depending on the kind of product being marketed to the audience as well as the chosen promotional tool, your distribution agency has to work to a plan; like a flyer delivery method for a particular product might not be quite the same as that for another product.

You don’t get realistic

Keeping the broader picture in mind is very important.  Nothing is instantaneous in this business. For a customer to receive your leaflet and to convert into a buyer, you must follow the AIDA (Attract, Interest, Desire, and Action) principle.  You cannot realistically expect immediate results.

You do not synchronize leaflet message with communication

The target customers build up a certain idea about your product after flyer distribution. However, it often happens that this does not match with the actual communication that they have on ground when they become interested in your product. It is vital to ensure continuity in the mind of your prospective customer so that the conversion happens smoothly.

You do not persevere

It is easy to give up after some time has passed between your flyers going out and business not picking up.  Just put yourself in the shoes of your targets. How many times has it happened that you yourself have immediately acted upon an advertisement or leaflet?

  • You might be interested but now is not the right time.
  • You may have found the same product elsewhere at better terms.
  • You might have completely forgotten about it even though intending to try.

Similar thoughts are sure to run in the minds of your customers.  Always look at things with the mind of a prospective customer and never give up.

Remember that results take time. While you are waiting out the time, make your leaflet delivery in Sydney foolproof and fail proof. Prepare for your campaign keeping these points in mind and you will surely see results.

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